PLYVAL—a new product comes to the Canadian market

Articles | 2020-01-22

A new product has just entered the Canadian public works market. PLYVAL tracer wire was created by a French firm, Plymouth, and is distributed in Canada by TechnoConsor Inc. This patented georeferencing device precisely pinpoints underground structures along their entire length, regardless of depth. Customizable for all types of pipe, it can be used for storm drains, gas and oil pipelines, water mains, sewer systems, and pipes for electrical transmission and telecommunications cables.

The principle is simple: install the sheathed stainless steel PLYVAL tracer wire directly on the top of the structure. The wire is then connected to injection terminals and connection boxes which can receive an electromagnetic signal. Straight and T-connectors are used to connect the tracer wire and create branches to ensure a continuous electromagnetic signal which can be detected with any electromagnetic signal detection device.

With PLYVAL tracer wire, it is possible to follow and continuously locate buried networks on three axes (X, Y and Z), in closed trenches. This easy to implement system reduces costs as it avoids having to search for networks and open trenches when work must be done. It also increases site and public safety, and is built to last as long as the infrastructures themselves. Choosing PLYVAL tracer wire means being able to rely on precision, efficiency, convenience and safety!

For optimal protection of underground infrastructures, use PLYAGE warning mesh and PLYFORT mechanical tiles. Together, these three products detect, identify and protect buried installations. They're the perfect trio: PLY3!

For more information about these authentic products, see the PLYAGE, PLYFORT, and PLYVAL data sheets. Do these protection devices seem familiar? Beware of imitations!