Our Company

TechnoConsor Inc. distributes top-of-the-line, award-winning products that are specifically designed to identify, protect and locate your underground networks. Like you, we are committed to worker and public safety, and to protecting your investment from potential assault by mechanical tools and excavators.

Our products, PLYAGE warning mesh, the PLYFORT mechanical shield, and the PLYVAL tracer wire system, come in a range of configurations to identify the network, facilitate network geolocation, and shield your system from damage. We are committed to continuing to develop and perfect our products so that, as always, they meet and exceed your requirements.

Let’s work together to keep your networks safe! Please call us to find out how.

“Be safe: Identify—Prevent—Protect”

Our Mission

TechnoConsor is committed to collaborating with you, the utility owners, engineers and decision makers at all levels of government across North America, to ensure continuous service to your communities by protecting your natural and technological resources, and the large investments these services represent.

Our Community Engagement

At TechnoConsor, we proudly contribute to our community by participating in various activities that promote and support the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Alzheimers Society of Canada

Certifications and Awards

  • Congress Infra 2002

    Congress Infra 2002

    PLYAGE Warning mesh
    • Mention of excellence award for technological innovation in infrastructures from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of the Metropolis of Quebec-MAMM
  • Certification - Hydro Quebec January 2005

    Certification - Hydro Quebec January 2005

    PLYAGE warning mesh
    Plyage Hz-R-300

  • November 2005

    November 2005

    PLYAGE Warning Mesh
    • Technical guide for the construction of underground networks directly buried in common trenches

Our Collaborators

TechnoConsor is committed to protecting the safety of workers and the public, as well as the environment. As such, we work with and support the following organizations.

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance ( is the Canada-wide organization that works to provide for best practices in preventing damage to networks, and protecting public and worker safety. Most provinces and territories have common ground alliances and organizations, as well as call services to help builders and project owners avoid damage to networks resulting from excavation.