PLYAGE, PLYFORT and PLYVAL PLY to the power of 3

Articles | 2020-01-22

Choose PLY3—PLY to the power of 3—to optimize the identification, location and protection of underground installations. PLY3 is the combination of three products distributed by TechnoConsor Inc.: the PLYAGE warning mesh, PLYFORT mechanical shield and PLYVAL tracer wire.

In order to create this combination, the PLYAGE warning mesh, the PLYFORT mechanical shield and the PLYVAL precise georeferencing tracer wire are installed above one another at different levels. The PLYVAL tracer wire, in its protective sheath, is installed first, directly on the infrastructure, either on the job site or at the plant. The wire can be detected by any device for detecting electromagnetic signals. The PLYFORT mechanical shields are then laid on top of the sand layer in which the infrastructure is embedded, while the PLYAGE warning mesh provides the finishing touch. Together, the three products, colour-coded to match the network, make it easier to identify and protect natural and technological resources, and the safety of the public and site crew.

What special features do these products have? The PLYAGE warning mesh is equipped with a unique, patented central cord. The central cord zigzags over the mesh and expands to ten times its length when grabbed by a bucket, making it highly visible outside the trench. It comes in two versions: detectable (HZD Premium) and non-detectable (HZ Premium).

If excavation goes deeper than the warning mesh, the bucket comes up against the PLYFORT mechanical shields, which are extremely robust and durable. These easy-to-manipulate shields are installed using flat clips to form a smooth surface. They can be reused if uninstalled

Lastly, the PLYVAL tracer wire is used to pinpoint the location of underground infrastructures. A radio frequency is injected into the sheathed stainless-steel tracer wire installed on top of the pipe and linked by means of terminals and connection boxes. PLYVAL tracer wire is new to the Quebec market.

For more information about these authentic products, see the PLYAGE, PLYFORT, and PLYVAL data sheets. Do these protection devices seem familiar? Beware of imitations!