PLYAGE -There is nothing like it: Beware of imitations!

Articles | 2020-01-22

Municipalities, like companies that operate utilities, want to keep their underground infrastructure safe. That's why they choose products from TechnoConsor Inc.

PLYAGE warning mesh, the PLYFORT mechanical tile and PLYVAL tracer wire: together, this trio of products (PLY3) is ideal for identifying, protecting and detecting buried networks. While protecting the public and ensuring crew safety, the products prevent damage to networks, enabling service continuity. With these products, those who operate utilities and underground infrastructure help protect natural and technological resources.

Beware: look-alike products that don’t offer the same quality are now creeping into the market. Stakeholders, engineers, designers and procurement officers must be very vigilant, because the imitations do not provide the same benefits. For example, PLYAGE is sometimes replaced by imitations that do not meet the stated requirements, or municipalities’ standard specifications. The substitution occurs without network owners’ knowledge, who therefore don’t benefit from the lower cost: they pay for the product that was specified but get less quality. Customers are entitled to make a fully informed decision about a product, and get what they asked for!

PLYAGE warning mesh, on the other hand, has been successfully and confidently installed in many Canadian towns and cities over the last 20 years. Recognized by Hydro-Québec, the Centre d’expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines (CERIU) and Énergir, TechnoConsor Inc. distributes quality products that have passed the test of time, as shown by the many prizes and certifications that PLYAGE warning mesh has earned.

There are no equivalent, as a look at the distinctive features of the PLYAGE warning mesh will show PLYAGE view

As in other sectors, competition in the public works industry is fierce. However, by choosing quality products, network owners optimize safety and avoid many problems that could end up leading to major expenses.

Public works managers, project leads, and site supervisors must be vigilant.
Demand the authentic product that delivers on quality. Recognize the difference and name it: TechnoConsor!